Preventative Maintenance

Did You Know?

Some air conditioning and heating problems can DOUBLE operating costs without reducing comfort.

Up to 80% of air conditioning and heat pump compressor failures could be eliminated if the problems that lead to the failure were corrected in a timely manner.
A “freon” (refrigerant) undercharge of only 10% can increase operating costs by almost 20%.
A dirty evaporator, condenser and blower could increase air conditioning or heat pump electrical usage by 50% or more.
Just a 100th of an inch of dirt or film on an evaporator coil can reduce it’s efficiency by 5%.
Un-repaired small problems can lead to very expensive repairs.

Proper system maintenance benefits the consumer by:


Lower Operating Costs

Increasing System Capacity

Longer Equipment Life

Ensure Your Investment Will Last For Years

Timely tune-ups ensure your equipment investment will last for years. CONROY is proud to offer it to our clients so your business never has down time and your home is always heated/cooled appropriately.

Ask us about preventive maintenance programs to extend the service life of your air conditioner, furnace and more.