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Help is available when it comes to financing your heat pump purchase and we at Conroy Refrigeration are more then happy to assist you in the process. Below are the current financing and rebate options available.

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Snap Home Finance
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Efficiency Nova Scotia

Is your house presently electrically heated? Did you know that by simply arranging to have a Home Energy Assessment done of your house for $99.00 +HST you could be eligible for varying rebates.

Your First Step?

Book an initial Home Energy Assessment. To learn more, visit or call 1-877-999-6035.

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The Greener Homes Grant
Rebate or Financing Program

The Canada Greener Homes Initiative will help homeowners save money, create new jobs across Canada for energy advisors, and fight climate change, by offering homeowners interest-free loans and rebates.

More Information
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Cozy Colchester
Do you live in Colchester county?

Cozy Colchester offers financing on approved applicants that reside in Colchester county.


Please visit their website at to find out more information and take advantage of this initiative.